"You were requested to address the internal conflicts created by the challenge to our senior management to embrace and lead some new strategic directions…The performances were right on target to get a healthy dialogue into gear and had a very positive impact on our thinking about how to make these directions work for us."

—Paul L. Busch, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Malcolm Pirnie, Inc.

Some of the Performance Plus Staff
Some of the Performance Plus... Staff   

Performance Plus… provides theatre-based interactive learning to more than 100 corporations and organizations. From the start, companies large and small have recognized our interactive ODEA process as a dynamic way to help management and staff learn key concepts and apply what they have learned in their daily jobs.

As the centerpiece of its programs, Performance Plus... presents "living case studies" - brief dramatizations tailored specifically to your company and performed by our staff. After the dramatizations, we lead a dialogue between the participants and our players, who remain in their roles. As a result of this educational and thought-provoking interaction, employees identify problems, increase understanding, and explore ways to resolve conflict in a non-threatening and effective manner. Additional methods of delivery may also be used to address a client's specific issues.

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