"Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did developing and facilitating the workshop How to Conduct Effective Meetings….I sincerely appreciate the time and effort that went into your research to make sure the vignettes reflected The Bank of New York."

—Jean M. Dunn
Assistant Vice President
Training and Development
The Bank of New York

Performance Plus… meets with the client to get a full understanding of the company, its business, culture, management style, and other important information, before the specific objectives of the program and the issues to be addressed are determined.

Working closely with the client's suggestions, we develop dramatizations and other workshop activities positioned realistically within the company, which illustrate key issues in its business. Each program is custom-tailored for the specific client; we do not provide generic solutions to a client's unique issues. At the program, our staff role-plays the training situations the client has identified. When the dramatizations are completed, our players (remaining in character) engage the audience in dialogue; with the aid of a Performance Plus... moderator, participants are encouraged to actively explore viable solutions to the situations.

Employees discover non-threatening ways to explore solutions, develop understanding, and then take action to improve creativity, productivity, communication and overall effectiveness.