"On behalf of my associates I want to thank you very much for the excellent program Performance Plus… presented as part of our annual Partners' Meeting…The vignettes you presented captured the essence of many issues facing our Company and our industry…Most important, however, was the extensive discussion between our audience of over 400 people and your players. Those discussions demonstrated how engaged and involved our people were in the situations you presented; they also enabled our managers to share ideas and insightful solutions with each other, aided by your excellent moderating."

—David Van Buskirk
Corporate Vice President
New York Life Insurance Company

Bob Steed - Co-founder and Managing Director

Bob brings more than 35 years of executive corporate management and legal experience to the ODEA process.

Starting his career as a lawyer with Cravath, Swaine & Moore on Wall Street, he handled cases primarily in labor relations as well as corporate finance, mergers, and acquisitions for clients including Time Inc., Westinghouse, Bethlehem Steel, Chemical Bank, Kuhn Loeb, and the Major League Baseball Players Pension Committee.

As Corporate Vice President and Director of Human Resources for Time Inc. Mr. Steed had direct operating responsibility for all HR activities including recruiting, training and development, compensation and benefits, records, EEO and Affirmative Action, succession planning and executive compensation. He was a trustee of the Company's retirement and profit-sharing plans and its representative on a major business-oriented lobbying group. He also played a key role in the implementation of positive programs in response to the Civil Rights Act and other anti-discrimination legislation and regulations and was a member of the Board of the National Urban League.

Bob is the author of "The Play's the Thing" theater that is used in business-learning situations more than any other art form. This article discusses a use much richer than most. By learning the behaviors of people within a group, Performance Plus... develops a scenario to be played before those people, with ample time given for discussion. Speaking from 17 years of experience, the author provides case studies that explain the reasons for continued success.

The Play's the Thing: Using Interactive Drama in Leadership Development - Robert Steed

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Nancy Steed - Co-founder and President

Nancy is the creator of the ODEA training methodology. Ms. Steed was trained as an educator, started her career as a teacher and later created the Rye Youth Council Players as an interactive learning tool for parents and young people to communicate about important and sensitive issues like substance abuse, teenage sexuality, family dynamics, etc. This program was highly successful in reaching young people and enabling communications between generations. It is the basis for the ODEA methodology Performance Plus... uses today.

Ms. Steed also held numerous leadership positions in her community, served as chairperson of several Boards, and, for over 20 years, created and led retreats and workshops focused on organizational development, managing change, and many other subjects.

Debra Rose Mark - Creative Director

Debra has been part of the Performance Plus... team from its beginning. She works with our clients in developing dramatizations that are effective and synchronistic with the client’s goals. Before joining Performance Plus... Debra had been an advertising and marketing executive as well as a broadly experienced director and actor. As a result, she is able to provide our players with the tools to connect their theatre training with the practical needs of our business clients.