"Your customized training program was the answer to our Firm's supervisory training needs…The talents of Performance Plus… have met our high expectations for developing an outstanding supervisory training program."

—Margaret Luberda
Personnel Director
Cravath, Swaine & Moore

Performance Plus... uses a comprehensive approach to training, by providing multiple learning experiences integrated through the ODEA Process. This increases employee retention and ownership of the training material.

Performance Plus… employs five individual methods of delivery, each of which has unique strengths.

Dramatizations - Realistic situations positioned in the client's organization and illustrating specific issues and concerns identified by the client. These dramatizations are played out by our staff and followed by an interactive discussion between our staff (who remain in character) and participants, to identify the issues and possible solutions.

Practice Sessions - Realistic scenarios reflecting the client's business, policies, and practices are created. Members of our staff role-play the scenarios with program participants (usually with one or two other participants observing), followed by candid, actionable feedback to the participant.

Workshops - Dramatizations and practice sessions are often combined with more traditional training methods (including presentations, discussions of key concepts, case studies, teambuilding exercises, action planning, etc) to provide workshops from an hour to two days in length.

Conference Keynotes - Dramatizations in particular can be adapted for audiences of up to 1000 or more, to provide a dynamic keynote or capstone to company or industry conferences and trade shows, giving clients an exciting, engaging, and creative alternative to a single speaker.

Video - To provide custom-tailored programs for small, far-flung operations of major clients, videos of case studies are created with meticulous attention to reflecting the client's specific business and culture. They can be accompanied by an easy-to-use workbook to enable the branch or office manager to lead an effective discussion based on the case studies.

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