"On January 19 we will have the final of our 23 sessions to sensitize the TRG employees to the issues surrounding sexual harassment…This entire effort would not have been anywhere near as effective as it has been without the participation of Performance Plus… Your ability to present the issues concerning this sensitive subject in a non-threatening way which enables the audience to understand the issues and fully participate in the discussion is outstanding."

—Francis M. Austin, Jr.
President, Telesector Resources Group
A Subsidiary of New England Telephone and New York Telephone

The ODEA (Observe, Discuss, Engage, Assimilate) process quickly involves program participants both intellectually and emotionally, enabling them to apply on the job what they have learned in the program.

Observe - Participants observe our staff play out realistic and relevant dramatizations, which have been individually tailored to address the specific issues and concerns of each corporate client.

Discuss - While our staff remains in character, participants engage in a lively and thought-provoking discussion with them about the issues presented in the dramatizations, their underlying causes, and ways to prevent and/or resolve those issues.

Engage - Participants are given the opportunity to practice what they have learned by engaging our staff in realistic role-plays. This direct involvement in a risk-free, fail-safe environment enables participants to absorb the learning both intellectually and emotionally.

Assimilate - Having engaged in a realistic specific learning process, participants take ownership of the material and are prepared to handle future situations in the workplace with knowledge and understanding.