"Thanks so much to you and everyone in Performance Plus… for the wonderful retreat session that you provided for all the staff of University Services. It was terrific and exactly on target…Your cast was extremely professional and very convincing…It was a great high energy way to end our two days together."

—Paul Breitman
Princeton University
General Manager
University Services

Performance Plus... uses a roster of over 100 skilled performers to deliver our programs. All our performers have business experience and each receives specialized theatrical training and experience. This ensures our performer's ability to present dramatizations in an applicable compelling way and to effectively facilitate discussions with the audience while remaining in character. Their acting training facilitates intense study of communication in voice and expression which provides our participants uniquely valuable feedback.

Our performers' resumes are varied, including corporate executives, actors on stage, screen and TV, attorneys, asset management professionals, media specialists, communications consultants, playwrights, trainers, TV reporters, and accountants.

Our roster of players also represent a wide range of demographics, because we need to mirror the demographics—in age, race, sex, national origin and "look"—of each client, in order to ensure we are credible. All are dedicated to presenting the material in a way which will connect on both the intellectual and emotional level with the audience.