"You were requested to address the internal conflicts created by the challenge to our senior management to embrace and lead some new strategic directions…The performances were right on target to get a healthy dialogue into gear and had a very positive impact on our thinking about how to make these directions work for us."

—Paul L. Busch, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Malcolm Pirnie, Inc.

Performance Plus... uses the ODEA method of experiential learning to address the following corporate needs and specific challenges. Each program we offer brings superior results in each area.

Developing Effective Executive Leadership

  • Communicating vision and strategy
  • Managing change
  • Emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • Teamwork and teambuilding
  • Business ethics

Strengthening Supervisory Skills

  • Defining performance requirements
  • Motivating employees
  • Giving feedback
  • Coaching and counseling
  • Managing conflict
  • Effective discipline and discharge
  • Valuing and managing diversity
  • Mentoring skills

Developing and Retaining Customers

  • Effective sales presentations
  • Telephone sales techniques
  • Customer service
  • Relationship building
  • Customer relations in culturally diverse markets

Creating a Positive Work Environment

  • Strengthening Managerial/Supervisory Skills
  • Gender issues in the workplace
  • Work and family issues
  • Americans with Disabilities Act-related issues
  • Employment discrimination
  • Minimizing liability and risk exposure